Unique Design
Unique Design

Since the 1980s, Franck Muller has become a name synonymous with beautiful finishing and unique designs.  Throughout Haute Horlogerie and high complications, Muller has tied his name to a brand that has established a series of exceptional timepieces that, while originally avant-garde, have become embraced and often copied.

From its creation, the Cintrée Curvex case was very unique.  Indeed, the Haute Horlogerie was bound by tradition and consequently not very open to innovation, especially in terms of design.  At the time, there were plenty of round watches and perhaps a few rectangular ones, but there was nothing like Franck Muller’s Curvex.  So it was a bold move to introduce, in 1992, something previously nonexistent on the market; a tonneau curved body in 3 dimensions involving great technical difficulties in manufacturing.

Thus, Franck Muller watches became easily identifiable due to their tonneau shape that is commonly recognized as the brand’s most significant silhouette. 

For the brand, it quickly became a great success and a way to express its unique identity, assert its DNA and demonstrate its know-how in case manufacturing.

Similarly, Franck Muller timepieces became instantly recognizable for their unique and beautiful numeral design.  The dials on our Cintrée Curvex models are also very complex to produce.  For example, they must be perfectly curved to follow the shape of the case, but must still have the best guilloche, printing quality and precision.  Introducing dials in gorgeous vibrant colors such as royal blue was also initiated by Franck Muller and showed all the hallmark of a classic Franck Muller design.

With its elegant cases, stunning dials and highly-complex movements, Franck Muller is very proud of all its timepieces. They really are great examples of clean and sober designs that have timeless elegance.