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Franck Muller is seeking to explore other horizons while conserving its watchmaking expertise with a futuristic and flashy collection. Inspired by the universe of futuristic cars, the Curvex CX Flash explores new perspectives and projects itself into the coming years. The choice of materials has been oriented towards modern alloys and technical composites.

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Craftsmanship Thanks to its incredible in-house capabilities, the brand can push barriers of watchmaking even further with innovative complications and great technique whilst fully respecting Swiss watchmaking tradition.
Servicing When your Franck Muller is serviced, a highly skilled watchmaker takes your timepiece through a very precise procedure.
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Franck Muller Authorized Boutiques in North America Purchasing your Franck Muller through the authorized boutiques guarantees the authenticity of your watch and ensures customers to have the best experience within the store. Find Closest Boutique
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Master of Complications The Aeternitas Mega – the most complicated wristwatch in the world - is the pinnacle of success in the art of watchmaking in terms of complexity and complications. With 36 complications and 1’483 components, the Aeternitas Mega is a wonder of micro-mechanic and watchmaking know-how.

The Most Complicated Watch Ever Made

MADE IN THE WATCHLAND, SWITZERLAND The extreme serenity and peacefulness of these surroundings reflect the quest of harmony and perfection to which the creators aspires. Discover More