The machining process to create this lightweight and hypo-allergenic hi-tech case starts with a solid block of 150 layer forged carbon which goes through a series of precise CNC machining processes followed by hand polishing operations that transforms the hi-tech forged carbon into a lightweight, hypo-allergenic, and thoroughly attractive Vanguard case that comfortably curves across the wrist. The incredibly lightweight layers of black & grey carbon create a monochromatic counterpoint that frames your choice of five vibrant colorways in two skeletonized manual wind movements garbed in lush hues.  

For the ladies, the smaller V35 carbon case measures 35mm across the middle, 46mm long, and a svelte 10.4mm thick as it curves around the wrist.  Inside beats a brightly anodized FM 1540-VS7 manual wind mechanical movement custom designed by Franck Muller. Twin barrels store enough energy to power the lady’s New Tone for four full days - and while the movement may appear somewhat playful in these bold colors, each component receives the highest levels of decoration (finissage) and refinement while the complete movement is regulated for superb timekeeping performance. 



Three siblings to the ladies V35 New Tone are the larger men’s versions available in 41mm,43mm, and 45mm forged carbon cases. These feature the in-house FM 1740-V2 manual-wind mechanical movement and are available in the same five colorways as the lady’s edition. Larger mainsprings are housed in a stacked dual-barrel layout and add an additional three days to the running time and will accurately track time for 7 days when fully wound. Unlike the curves and circles formed by the skeletonized bridges of the lady’s New Tone, the men’s FM 1740-V2 movement reflects a slightly stricter and more linear layout where bridges form V’s, X’s and angles as they reach from the center to the inner boundary of the case. 



These luxury timepieces create a perfect match between harmonious design, pioneering technology, and a playful spirit that brings luxury and fashion together in a singular timepiece. Each Vanguard New Tone is fitted with a nylon/rubber strap that seamlessly melds into the case with hand stitching to match the movement within.