With origins that date back to 1,500 BC, the arcane art of making Damascus Steel was originally used to create swords and weapons that were tough, flexible, and held a superb cutting edge.  


Disparate alloys (usually steel) are melded into solid blocks by heat welding numerous layers together. In the hands of expert blacksmiths these ingots are bent, folded, and twisted in a process that not only strengthens the steel, but also creates organic patterns from the alloy layers that are as esthetically pleasing as the steel is durable. These patterns are subtle at first, but when dipped in an acid solution the contrast can be striking.



Combining this ancient alloy with modern machining techniques has allowed this exotic material to find a new home within the Vanguard Damascus Steel series from Franck Muller. Cases, dials, bridges, and even numerals are now enhanced with the rolling waves of the Damascus pattern within each of these new collections. 

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