The Master Jumper presents the time and date in a new way within three digital displays centered on the vertical axis of the dial with the hours on top, minutes in the center, and date below. This beautifully balanced dial is enhanced with a deep Clous de Paris pattern that creates an elegant backdrop, while metal frames in complimentary colors surround each of the three apertures.



While the Master Jumper’s austere dial is easy to read and free of superfluous clutter, the simplicity of the graceful display belies the complexity of the mechanism within the slender (10.8mm) Curvex CX design. Developed over more than two years, the multiple disc display presented challenges above and beyond those associated with a “typical” wristwatch. Not only do the discs rotate to indicate the time and date, but they also instantaneously jump in the blink of an eye when changing to the next numeral. This entails systems that gather and store energy from the mainspring over time to be released in an instant, as well as always holding the (relatively) heavy discs stable and shock resistant inside the case. Each of these challenges called for unique mechanical solutions that have been integrated into the 371 components of the new M 3100-C1caliber.

CX-38-MJ-AC-BUre CX-38-MJ-5-N-5-NBRre CX-38-MJ-TTNRBR-TTNRBRre CX-38-MJ-5-N-BUre


Prices start at $65,300 in stainless steel and PVD on steel, $76,400 - $80,900 in 18kt Rose gold, and $92,200 in solid (950) platinum. Franck Muller’s Master Jumper is a watch unlike any other and a superb example of the brand’s technical prowess and meticulous attention to detail in overall design.