Complimenting the wide array of wristwatches presented earlier this year at Franck Muller's WPHH, the Master Lighter crossed luxury channels to bring something new and hot to opulent accessories. In a sea of novelties with literally thousands of new watches presented at the concurrent shows that take place in Geneva each Spring, the Master Lighter stood out as one of the most popular topics when premiered at the 2024 edition of Franck Muller's World Presentation of Haute Horology.




Following their premiere in Geneva, the master lighter’s next stop on the worldwide tour was a North American sneak peek at the ST Dupont booth during the Couture Las Vegas show held annually at the Wynn Hotel where the Franck Muller/ST Dupont Master Lighter was awarded a 3rd place by an expert panel of judges in Couture’s “Best in Innovative” category.  


These accolades are well-earned as the Master Lighter represents the culmination of more than two years of development and marks a first in the history of both Franck Muller & ST Dupont. The result is the ultimate functional and elegant accessory that not only performs its dual roles of time and fire, but also does them in luxurious style.      



Inside the double-flame equipped Master Lighter beats a Franck Muller signature skeleton manual-wind movement cleverly integrated within the case to reveal a double-sided watch featuring a three-day power reserve with hours and minutes displayed over the lacquered & hand painted dials, and a running center-seconds hand circling over the custom designed in-house movement visible on the reverse side. The technical solution that allows the hands to traverse from front to back through the entire lighter also had to accommodate the pinion passing through the center of the gas reservoir and called for unique solutions to keep the fuel and movement secure. This fusion of traditional craftsmanship and innovation is offered in four variations of 88 pieces each. The White variant stands out with its silver dial featuring a sunburst pattern while the blue version echoes Franck Muller's signature hue. The Black version brings a more modern appearance with luminous applied numerals reaching out from the darkness, and an iconic Color Dream edition features the brand's signature rainbow numerals on the dial side with anodized aluminum bridges in vivid colors on the reverse.  Crafted in Steel with Sapphire glass on both sides, the Master Lighter even makes the signature metal "ting" sound ST Dupont lighters are so well known for when opened. The Franck Muller/ST Dupont lighter is an accessory like none other and is the ultimate opulence for high-end collectors of both watches and lighters.