Sheets of colored fiberglass are stacked with layers of compressed carbon, rolled into a mold, infused with resin, and subjected to 300-tons of compression for 5 hours at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This manufacturing process creates a flawless mass of solid material used as the building block to fabricate each of the curved and colorful cases.

Like almost any new material, Carbon Damascus required some non-typical engineering solutions to precisely shape and finish the case to the high standards expected in a Franck Muller. Whether milling, drilling, or applying finishes, each new technique and protocol has been developed and performed at Franck Muller’s Watchland facility in Switzerland.

The results are unique and amazing.  Pick your favorite colorway in blue, red, orange, or white to contrast the deep black carbon layers, or go all-in with a version that includes all of the above colors in a crazy color combination. When complete, each case will have developed its own unique design fingerprint with no two exactly alike.


Beyond the sheer beauty of the material, Carbon Damascus is also a technically superior case material as it is lightweight, hypoallergenic, scratch and shock resistant, soft to the touch, corrosion proof and nearly unbreakable. 

Keeping track of time inside the Vanguard Carbon Damascus is Franck Muller’s caliber FM 1740-VS12 Manual-Wind Skeleton movement. Visible from the front and back, the straight lines and sharp angles formed by the bridges of this in-house movement imply a fastidious counterpoint to the seemingly random waves on the case. Accurate and reliable, the movement has a 7 day power reserve thanks to both the twin (stacked) mainspring barrels and the preferred frequency of 18,000 bph.

Advanced technology meets high-end watchmaking once again as Franck Muller continues to explore new frontiers while honoring the established canons of Swiss Haute Horology.